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tv   [untitled]    February 18, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PST

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the loan under writing and have an opportunity to apply. those green asterisk will be for the mow housing successor and he then we'll do the transfer. the mo u has some additional terms and one was confirming the tax revenue bonds. that's not really in our purview anymore so we used to be the issuer of the bonds but mow is the past manager of the 9 percent tax credibility and san francisco is very lucky as a city of i city and county we have our own tax credits and we've historically coordinated
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and mow spreadsheets. reporting is key for both the commission and a public and others stakeholders to understand you know how are we meeting our enforceable obligations. we want to be able to see who we are serving so this outlines oc ii will have the responsibility to the report similarly in the past we reported to the housing development on the affordability levels and the basic information the funding we've put into those projects and separately we'll do a report on affordable housing and that's an important obligation we'll track that on its oppose. mow city has prepared a citywide report and that will include our data.
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since they're doing the day by day managing we've concluded they'll provide the report on the marketing outcomes for the projects as they finish. so what are our budgets around the mo u. our assumptions that o ii will pay the staff for their costs those financial closings and marketing monitoring and certify of monitoring program. the current stimulates are 5 to $600 a year we'll have that broken down so you'll understand that. and that moss mo cd is responsible forbid the sear so that's our different roles and
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responsibilities in the budget. so our next steps are to incorporate feedback from the commission and other stakeholders and finalize an mo u and finalize the assumption and return to the commission and seek authorization to enter into the mo u before we turn it over to your questions and any public comment? i want to turn this over to our staff. we have stacey and a couple of other staff i want to have come up and introduce themselves >> good afternoon. i'm tracy. i would be overseeing particularly the construction staff and the fiscal closing staff and sally mentioned we have the commissioners on our staff to help guide the projects
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through the construction. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm benjamin i'm the cfo for the mairgz housing development we make sure that the financial transactions related to the housing obligations is tracked appropriately. my team is actually the groping group that's been making the loan disbursements to the construction folks we have a lot of experience along with the program management staff that's our roll in this >> hi, i'm marie benjamin i'm the newest member of the management team at the mow h cd. i am the director of home ownership and below the market housing programs. i come with a lot of experience
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in inclusionary programs from across the bay area. i'm thrilled with my team that's been marketing and moving forward the oc israel's production line since 2012. with that, i'll conclude our prediction if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them and i thank you for your time >> thank you very much sally. before we move to commissioners any public comment on this item >> i have two speaker cards
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(calling names). >> how fitting how fitting to set the example in which i'm here today. speaking on mayor's office of housing and mayor's office of community development. let me going back a little bit on history. you're talking about online 0 son lee used to be a staffer here. we're talking about everything this is a been transformed with the housing and african-american pea a specifically from housing development. i'll looking at the successor to redevelopment so i'm going to call you all redevelopment you guys are not successors to me. we've got olsen lee who's not here. i don't know if he's a cousin of olsen lee olsen lee is doing
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everything from the western edition i can't get in to see the man a and you guys are talking about going to see himself him. i'm getting ready to do something i'm going to challenge the city and county. i have documents to testify in front of the of the state to say please help us the development is going to take care of us in the fillmore i call it the field. you don't mention nothing about us we're shifted under the rugs and do what you want to do but we've been impacted by very development for 50 years and all of a sudden you feel you can sweep it under the rug and to the hell to the no.
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right now, i'm going to put dough briefs to stop hunters point view and everything urge dpo to have to come back to the sugar stacking shack. you've got to the state involved all of those folks are involved from the beginning so what do we have here we - you've playing a game on us. we're in a new era so in the city and mayor ed lee and olsen lee and all the lee's are going to do this to me and my family? hell to the no. i'm going to go to the state my raise hell with jerry brown. he knows what the gentleman g did to your community.
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i don't blame you all you're not responsible mr. mayor ed lee is. >> good afternoon, commissioners and director. i'm oscar i'm a native of hunters . point. i am asking for the certificate of preference to be extended to the grand kids and this commission can do that. the previous redevelopment commission was working on that before it was x-rated and i want that to take place with this commission also i want to make sure that oc i the other portion
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of this commission the housing that olsen lee sits on make sure i've been trying to go to the meetings but they also cancel they're meeting the times are earlier and i haven't been to go because they cancel them they cancel them because they don't want to hear from the community or extend those certifies of preferences. i got a letter they're trying to black or blue the certificate of preferences. that's not going to happen. i've talked to people who have moved out of the city and they wish the grandkids to be able to move. if they hadn't come into hunters point we would still be there we
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wouldn't have to have this 2 to $3,000 for rent we're paying now. i was told in 1968 we paid for those projects. because when they built those homes they were coagulate for 4 or 5 thousand dollars they were - they paid that and more for those buildings and the navy gave people a relocation money for $4,500 we want that extended for all projects whatever you guy's name are now. you know, we want those certifies extended that this organization. thank you very much >> thank you very much. okay. so i'd like to thank you.
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for your presentation today. i'd like to start by making sure that we focus the discussions first and maybe we can get to the m u itself. there have been questions about the specific programs that are managed by mo u such as a marketing programs for housing and the certificate of programs. before we kind of into 3 i want to give the staff what they need as the mechanics of how that plays out and. let's start there. i want to open it up to the commissioners commissioner singh >> yeah. i want to know the preferences is it going to be
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time limited to close pretty soon. >> i want to pitting put that one on hold we started a little bit late. >> let me ask a question. okay >> okay. >> yeah. >> i don't have the exact information on the certificate of preferences program but we can get back to you on that question. >> it is going to be abolished. >> why. >> commissioners when the commission approved the latest changes in 2008, and 9 to the preferences program it made certain chances for people to qualify for tomorrow a and c and
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provided for a that he had period of time of certify for the certificates to be honored i believe it's 2016 but there's a built in extension by the commission that was the approval for the certificate of approval program there's an outside dates it's not the successor wished to eliminate the program but it simply there is an end date to the program and i believe there was a potential estimation built in. >> is it possible to extend it some more times there so more. >> i believe the authority of the commission is limited in that regard because of dissolution so it's in essence the mayor's office of housing is
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stepping into the shoes of the agency commission that took certain actions. the commission is limited in its ability to make certain changes to agreement post dissolution unless there's a certain criteria if you're making making agreements it's my understanding there's a different standard for the benefit of the tax combiblths bs but it's a program the 11 dash 12 designated the mayor's office of housing office it designated a certain activity that's the certificate program and it's not quite a perfect
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transition because our obligations referenced that program that existed at the time of the very development agency. and i don't want - that's one of the reasons it's important i want to make sure we have the right staff when we talk about that program rather than just bringing it up. one of the things is 2015 was already an estimation so i don't want to speculate an what we can think can't do. there's there's there's an enforceable obligation. we should but i know that 2016 was an estimation so we'll need to fix that we want to focus on
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the m l u. commissioner rosales >> i have a couple of technical questions. the mo u is for one fiscal year >> no until the parties decide to exterminate that. >> so the half a million dollars budget. >> that will be incorporated in our budget approval that's an annual amount. oh, okay. so is mo u is continuing but the funding is for one fiscal year >> we'll seek to approve the budget through one cycle so the budget is not approved for the next year because there are no funding. >> okay. the other question i had was about staffing.
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i guess i'm not understanding maybe i don't know enough about the mayor's office of housing and community development. when i hear that construction managers are on staff there are construction managers on staff this is not there the dwp or getting - >> that's correct. is there one or two. >> there are two construction manages. >> and that's sufficient personnel to handle that. >> we currently have two construction managers we're going going to hire a third. >> i guess just following on with that would there be a scenario where you'll contract out for that service. >> possibly maybe depending on
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the pipeline so, yeah we're going to look at adequate capacity. >> so is that a procurement or a process that would be subject to the cities local business ordinance for example, and - and a typically if we're going to be hiring we're we've we'll have to seek the services first, because we'll be challenged by the union. >> we know that. >> so the city's procurement process not under the mo u still it's under our behalf is that true. >> i'm not sure. i think under the oc israel's policy >> we'll look at that matter further. >> my neck kwes question is
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along the same lines marketing. who are the marketing folks that you have on staff? >> well, we have 5 employees that work with the lottery and the inclusionary and the m r units so we have - primarily the developer plays a big roll in the may or may not of our units and we're managing they're marketing plans they develop with our help so we have adequate stapling staff on hand. >> it that everywhere you contract out same question. >> no. >> okay.
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somebody can ask >> okay. does anyone have any questions >> commissioner mondejar and a yes. i do a couple of questions. package 9 of the mo u under the certificate of preference program it doesn't say anything about expiration >> yeah. the program dates itself has the program extension. >> so should it include this here. i mean that is an mo u you continues and i would think if the certificate of preference program should exterior it it should be included and if we're not ready to talk about that we should schedule it for another meeting >> oh, yeah.
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sorry sally just real quick the certificate of preference your comment is to change the wording here. i'll only say that the certificate of program is referenced here but it wouldn't necessarily make sense to put in something that's changeable for example, something that exteriors in 2016 it's part of the documents that are subscribed the program itself this just references it's been transferred i don't know if that's - >> i don't know if it feels like they're going to be charging oc ii for the certificate of preference program and since its ending there should be a place of reference. i don't know what our city attorney says about that.
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it make sense to include that >> the fact that it's ending. >> it's ending. don't you think? i don't know. >> it references the program documents from 2008 which includes the discrepancy, you know, of the extension and the inspiration. so the reference is to the controlling documents whether we can look at a residual but the intent is to designate the controlling documents and what is mow doing under this section that's what it's dealing with >> and the controlling document expires in 2345078. >> we don't - we've not included the preference it's a
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listing of all of them and the details can be found in each documents then we can look at some resiltsz. certainly through the chair in reference to the commissioner mondejar question. we could attach the under writing policies and guideline we could attach we could attach so there's no confusion by anyone having to look where is that adapted document we could attach that so rather than picking a various pieces of the controlling document which we may not fully capture certainly as a full record of reference in the mo u >> that make sense so we're not
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looking for records all over the place. my other question was the budget that 5 to $600 budget is the expenses of the mayor's office of housing >> correct to pay over the course. >> so your coordinating with the staff is separate; right? and a staff is separate. >> is that valued is there an estimate or is it incorporated into other - and we haven't completed the full analyze through the budget presentation we can clarify that and breakdown the staffing areas. we can certainly do that breakdown when we come back with the budget >> with your presentation there's an estimate for 5 or 6 homicide thousand it would be nice to know. >> the all in call.
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>> working with the mayor's office of housing. >> that's the cost of those services we can certainly quantify our own staff that's the all in number but the payment mo under the mo u would be the payment to mow to sustain our obligations. >> thank you. commissioners, i know you have a question i want to get to part two. you have a question that will come back before the commission we need more data on where the program stands and the process how it is amended or understanding where it is right now. this board of supervisors basic passed that program so i'm not sure what we can do before we have more answers >> i appreciate it.
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it's a sensitive issue >> absolutely. >> so the more answers we have and the more information we have would help all of us. >> uh-huh. >> especially in this particular program. >> thank you. commissioner rosales >> okay. i'm going to focus on the marketing so my understanding our staff will have no marketing responsibilities for the housing. >> the way we envisioned it we have project management starch we're working on the projects and there's certainly a process from the beginning to the end but when it comes to the morts of the marketing our staff will help review but the expertise of the group w will be monitoring that marketing plan and confirming that did developer
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has applied with the plan and they've done the outreach and conducted the process in corners with the policies in place and our providing the preferences based on that projects certify of preference. certainly projects might have geographic preferences as well. but we're coordinating and communicating on the stage e same floor and that will help inform how is it going >> one of the concerns i have based on my own information to folks who are the targeted population is the lack of information and not understanding the lottery and containments from certify
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holders. maybe lack of training or lack of understanding and frankly i'm very concerned at not having a better sense of i know how that all works. is it applied fairly across all targeted populations. i know from advocates in the mission district the latino population the at risk population in need of anonym at least there's many advocates in the latino community that don't feel their access is there. i would be more comfortable in having the demographic information the house, if you will, dom demographics and the folks in the targeting district. i don't see any of that here so frankly i'm uncomfortable at
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approving a mo u >> i neglected to mention that marie's group is pulling together that information and we'll be coming back to share that information. but one other area of - area of input you'll have as projects are developed it's in the actual loan document and it will all the marketing requirements for this project that the city staff will help implement. you'll have the opportunity to see who are the preferences and what's the outreach, you know, and if there's additional specifications needed that's an opportunity for you to be insuring it's clear. what the process niece to be before they get to the market and start building the project even >> is there a way to


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